Salt City Eats: Lunch at Sugar Magnolia Bistro

Sugar Magnolia.  The Grateful Dead song?  Nope! 

Sugar Magnolia Bistro - the brand new lunch & dinner spot nestled in Armory Square is almost a hidden secret.  But this place is BURSTING with flavor!  If you like a southern-inspired menu with a little bit of heat, this will be your new favorite spot.  Everything on the menu is fresh, unique, and not what you would expect from a small lunch/dinner spot.  We weren't shy to expand our horizons on some classic lunch items with a Sugar Magnolia Bistro twist!

The Magnolia Burger - a 4oz grilled beef patty topped with mixed greens, tomato, onion and pimento cheese on a brioche bun.  Side of Country Potato Salad.

Catfish Taco - fried catfish strips, yes we said catfish, topped with Napa cabbage and Alabama White BBQ sauce on a flour tortilla. Side of Mixed Greens Salad.

Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich - slow cooked pork butt shredded and tossed in Carolina Gold BBQ sauce topped with Napa cabbage on a pretzel bun.  Side of Fresh Potato Chips. 

Yum!  Each dish had it's own unique dash of heat and flavor.  If you need a lunch that is different and delicious, Sugar Magnolia Bistro is the place to go!

Salt City Eats: Lunch at Toss 'n' Fire Pizza

We've been to many pizza places before... but this is the first time we tried out some classic wood fired pizza!  We decided to dine in at Toss 'n' Fire's new dining room at 315 N Main St, North Syracuse, NY 13212.  Our mission was to try one slice of almost every kind of specialty pizza they had, and we succeeded!

We tried eight different specialty pizzas: The famous 'Cuse Salt Potato, 3 little pigs, Caprese, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Four the Love of Cheese, Margherita, Buffalo Chicken, and Meatza.  All were baked perfectly (and quickly) in their imported ovens straight form Italy!  Meat and cheese along with lots of spices and unique ingredients really made the taste of each individual pizza stand out.  It's hard to pick a favorite type of pizza because each was so good!

If for some weird reason you're not in the mood for pizza they have other option as well.  There are plenty of choices of appetizers, salads, and calzones to choose from.  Plus you can get your drink on!  They serve New York State craft beers, wine and bottled beers. 

Toss 'n' Fire is an awesome and unique spot to go for lunch or dinner!  Another great restaurant to add to you CNY foodie list!

Salt City Eats: Lunch from Mike's Pizzeria in Skaneateles


This week we decided on an office lunch pizza party from Mike's Pizzeria in Skaneateles!  Along with our basic cheese pizza, we went a little out of the box and tried out some of Mike's specialty pizzas: Cup N' Char and Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Finger. 

Cup N' Char was an old fashioned pizza made with fresh dough, red sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, and authentic "Cup and Char Pepperoni!".  If you like pepperoni but are tired of the same old pepperoni that every other pizza shop has, try this one out!  The Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Finger is just as good as it sounds.  If you're a fan of huge pieces of chicken and blue cheese as your pizza toppings, get three of these next time you order.

And don't forget the salad!  We ordered the Big Garden Salad with homemade croutons and they even threw in a Garlic knot!  Even if you're not in Skaneateles, the drive is definitely worth it!  Give Mike's Pizzeria at try and you will not be disappointed.

Salt City Eats: Brick House Billiards

Three words: Food and Billiards!

If you like eating some good food and shooting some pool in a comfortable bar setting surrounded by people who share your passion for billiards, Brick House Billiards is going to be your new favorite hangout spot!  When you take that first step inside you'll be stunned by how many tables are available.  Plus, there's plenty of bar space to get your drinks and food quick and easy!  I ordered some of the Brick House Wings (medium sauce) with Bleu Cheese along with a Buffalo Bleu Chicken sandwich with a side of mac salad.  The wings couldn't have hit the spot more than they did!  If there ever was a spot that needed to be hit, these wings hit it.  And the Chicken sandwich was just straight up SOLID (in a way where it was all-around delicious).  Just all around good, solid food!

In short: the food was great, staff was super friendly and attentive, and it's definitely a place to check out for some friendly competition!  Once you take that first step in the door you will realize you'll never get into another bar fight over who's turn it is to shoot at the only pool table in the bar ever again!

Salt City Eats: Lunch at Grimaldi's

Picture a family owned restaurant that has been around for generations, a restaurant where you can go in, sit down, and be treated like you've been part of that family the whole time.  You're picturing Grimaldi's.

The service at Grimaldi's was attentive and all-around excellent!  They were nice, funny, and extremely attentive.  My water glass was never empty and the food came with perfect timing.  We started with a side salad with crumbly bleu cheese and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.  For an appetizer, we couldn't refuse to try out the Calamari Grimaldi with lightly fried with tomatoes, olives hot cherry peppers in a light butter sauce.  Our entrees were both safe and surprising at the same time.  Where else can you get a Ceaser Salad with shrimp, haddock, and SWORDFISH?  Plus the Penne Bolognese was hearty and spicy!  To finish it off we chose a desert with some heat.. and we're talking spicy heat!  Chocolate Aztec Cake infused with cinnamon and cayenne pepper.  Plus a little hot pepper on top with some pepper seed sprinkles.  Surprisingly delicious and surprisingly hot!  Definitely check out Grimaldi's if you haven't already!

Salt City Eats: Dinner at Salt City Grille

This week we had dinner at Salt City Grille!  If you're looking for a place to hide away form the blustery winter weather, look no further than Salt City Grille.  Right when you step inside there's a cozy fireplace that warms you up while you wait for your seats or while you wait for your drinks at the bar.  The environment inside felt safe and homey, it had a kind of feeling to it like you're coming home after a long trek in the snow!

We started with their one-of-a-kind honey bread and stretch bread with oil.  If you ever go to Salt City Grille... this is the food item you NEED to try.  This is the only restaurant you can get this kind of bread.  Next was my personal favorite dish of the night, the crab cakes.  I'm not the biggest fan of seafood myself but these were definitely the best crab cakes I have ever had.  Next was the main course: Steak Sandwich & fries with a House Salad with Italian Dressing for me, Parmesan Risotto & Sausage Rigatoni for my guests.  All excellently prepared with their own unique tastes!  But then came the deserts... Chocolate Ganache Cake & Raspberry Creme Brulee.  WOW did these hit the spot.  Just take a look for yourself... 

If Salt City Grille isn't on your list for restaurants to try, you're list is incomplete.

Salt City Eats: Lunch at 1060 Restaurant

This week we checked out 1060 Restaurant! Located at the historic Genesee Grande Hotel, 1060 Restaurant is an awesome spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!  I decided on lunch and when I asked the waiter what THE THING to get was, he answered the French Onion Soup.  He even called it "The best in town"... and he definitely wasn't wrong!  I can still taste the lingering flavor of the onions, cheese, and scallion all mixed together in the perfect lunch starter!  I followed the soup with the Quiche of the day and a Caesar Salad.  I don't have quiche too often, but I have to say that this was some of the best quiche I've had in a long time!  Tomato, spinach, and ham were the stars of this dish, and the Caesar Salad even came with a parmigiana crisp!  If you're looking for high-class lunch to enjoy make sure to check out 1060 Restaurant!

Salt City Eats: Lunch at Sal's Pizza & Restaurant

Sal's Restaurant is the definition of a modern take on old Italy.  Sal's has both a take-out area and a dine-in restaurant, but we decided to go to investigate the restaurant to find out more about the sit-down half of Sal's Pizzeria. We went all out for this week's Salt City Eats Deal.  For an appetizer we ordered the house-made Arancini, which were big balls of rice about the size of a normal fist, and house-made breads ticks.  The chicken teriyaki soup came with the meal, which was both spicy and filling!  For our main dishes we had Sal's famous Chicken Riggies (the spicy version) and a traditional Chicken Ceaser Salad, piled high!  And last but not least we tried out the Fried Nutella Balls!   Holy Moly were these delicious!   Sal's is a great go-to place for both dine-in and takeout! 

Salt City Eats: Dinner at Mohegan Manor

Part 2 of the 2 for 1 Salt City Eats Deal!  If you're looking for a place with history, look no further than Mohegan Manor.  It's been around for 120 years!  Having dinner in a historic atmosphere and in a place that is basically an actual mansion is exactly what you need after a long day at work.  The sushi is super fresh and made right next to you while you wait and have a drink at the bar.  We had the California, Syracuse, Firecracker, and Volcano sushi rolls.  Talk about a great combination of sweet & spicy with a little soy sauce to dip in!

Salt City Eats: Dinner at Rio Siete

Part 1 of this week's Salt City Eats Deal!  Rio Siete's Mexican food and atmosphere was unlike anything else in CNY.  Located in the heart of Baldwinsville along the Seneca River, Rio Siete should definitely be on your summer bucket list as a place to relax and get some great food!  Sit outside at their bar that almost looks like it was made out of red clay under their many layers of red, blue, white, and green sheets that provide some nice shade as you relax next to the river and their outdoor fire pit.  Must-try foods would include their most popular dish - Ocean Tacos!  Pair that with a unique drink like a Pomegranate-Mint Mojito and you have your new favorite riverside restaurant!