Salt City Eats: Lunch at 1060 Restaurant

This week we checked out 1060 Restaurant! Located at the historic Genesee Grande Hotel, 1060 Restaurant is an awesome spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!  I decided on lunch and when I asked the waiter what THE THING to get was, he answered the French Onion Soup.  He even called it "The best in town"... and he definitely wasn't wrong!  I can still taste the lingering flavor of the onions, cheese, and scallion all mixed together in the perfect lunch starter!  I followed the soup with the Quiche of the day and a Caesar Salad.  I don't have quiche too often, but I have to say that this was some of the best quiche I've had in a long time!  Tomato, spinach, and ham were the stars of this dish, and the Caesar Salad even came with a parmigiana crisp!  If you're looking for high-class lunch to enjoy make sure to check out 1060 Restaurant!