Salt City Eats: Lunch at Fajita Grill

This weeks lunch spot is Fajita Grill! Fajita Grill has two locations in Fulton, NY  and Oswego, NY. When you walk into Fajita Grill, the menu and food prep area is right in front of you, giving you time to decide what you're craving! They have a full variety of different Mexican foods. From burrito bowls, to just a plain burrito, you will definitely be fueling your taste buds. To go along with your Mexican dish, why not add a side of queso and chips! Not only are they really good, your meal comes with chips! What gets better than that? The environment at Fajita Grill is laid back with a nice atmosphere to enjoy your meal. If you're looking for a yummy Mexican meal, head over to Fajita Grill!