Salt City Eats: Dinner at Mohegan Manor

Part 2 of the 2 for 1 Salt City Eats Deal!  If you're looking for a place with history, look no further than Mohegan Manor.  It's been around for 120 years!  Having dinner in a historic atmosphere and in a place that is basically an actual mansion is exactly what you need after a long day at work.  The sushi is super fresh and made right next to you while you wait and have a drink at the bar.  We had the California, Syracuse, Firecracker, and Volcano sushi rolls.  Talk about a great combination of sweet & spicy with a little soy sauce to dip in!

Salt City Eats: Dinner at Rio Siete

Part 1 of this week's Salt City Eats Deal!  Rio Siete's Mexican food and atmosphere was unlike anything else in CNY.  Located in the heart of Baldwinsville along the Seneca River, Rio Siete should definitely be on your summer bucket list as a place to relax and get some great food!  Sit outside at their bar that almost looks like it was made out of red clay under their many layers of red, blue, white, and green sheets that provide some nice shade as you relax next to the river and their outdoor fire pit.  Must-try foods would include their most popular dish - Ocean Tacos!  Pair that with a unique drink like a Pomegranate-Mint Mojito and you have your new favorite riverside restaurant!

Salt City Eats: Lunch at Fajita Grill

This weeks lunch spot is Fajita Grill! Fajita Grill has two locations in Fulton, NY  and Oswego, NY. When you walk into Fajita Grill, the menu and food prep area is right in front of you, giving you time to decide what you're craving! They have a full variety of different Mexican foods. From burrito bowls, to just a plain burrito, you will definitely be fueling your taste buds. To go along with your Mexican dish, why not add a side of queso and chips! Not only are they really good, your meal comes with chips! What gets better than that? The environment at Fajita Grill is laid back with a nice atmosphere to enjoy your meal. If you're looking for a yummy Mexican meal, head over to Fajita Grill! 

Salt City Eats: Lunch at Olé Olé Fresh Mexican Food

Olé Olé Fresh Mexican Food is another delicious Mexican restaurant here in Central New York. This restaurant brings a more modern-feel, with fun, upbeat music playing. The menu had a wide variety of burrito, quesadilla, and taco options, as well as a vegetarian section. What seemed appetizing was the Death Star! The Death Star consisted of a crispy outer shell, with a spicy, cheesy inside. Wow! Also, a must-try would be the Olé Olé Loaded Fries! These loaded fries are loaded, literally, with guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, and melted cheese. If that doesn't make your mouth water, then you are missing out! To finish off, order the Chimi's and Sopaphillas. Both are tasty desserts! The Chimi is a pastry, stuffed with bananas and cherry, deep-fried, and topped with carmel. The Sopaphilla is a fried pastry served with honey! Olé Olé is the definition of a small, local restaurant on the rise in Central New York!  

Salt City Eats: Lunch at San Miguel Mexican Restaurante

If you're craving something Mexican, whether its lunch time or dinner, head to San Miguel Mexican Restaurante! First stepping into the restaurant, you feel like you are in Mexico; bright colors, sombreros hung on the wall, and fun, Mexican music playing. The menu has many tasty options ranging from the most popular lunch dish of Chimichangas, to burritos. When it comes to beverages, the 53 oz margarita is the way to go! Ranging in different flavors, this pitcher size drink fuels your taste buds! After your burrito, get yourself a dessert! These desserts can definitely fulfill your sweet-tooth needs! What makes San Miguel's desserts unique is their use of the tortilla. Xango's and Banana Loca dishes are prime examples! Wrapping each in the tortilla, they are fried, topped in cinnamon sugar, and finished off with whipped cream! YUM!

Salt City Eats: Let's Get FUNKY!

The beloved FUNK N WAFFLES has closed down it's SU Campus location and is focusing on making the Armory Square location! Stop in for the highly acclaimed Chicken & Waffles (pictured), the Thanksgiving Waffle with all the fixin's or a Salt City Eats favorite... the BROWNIE Waffle (with room to share)!