Salt City Eats: Dinner at Salt City Grille

This week we had dinner at Salt City Grille!  If you're looking for a place to hide away form the blustery winter weather, look no further than Salt City Grille.  Right when you step inside there's a cozy fireplace that warms you up while you wait for your seats or while you wait for your drinks at the bar.  The environment inside felt safe and homey, it had a kind of feeling to it like you're coming home after a long trek in the snow!

We started with their one-of-a-kind honey bread and stretch bread with oil.  If you ever go to Salt City Grille... this is the food item you NEED to try.  This is the only restaurant you can get this kind of bread.  Next was my personal favorite dish of the night, the crab cakes.  I'm not the biggest fan of seafood myself but these were definitely the best crab cakes I have ever had.  Next was the main course: Steak Sandwich & fries with a House Salad with Italian Dressing for me, Parmesan Risotto & Sausage Rigatoni for my guests.  All excellently prepared with their own unique tastes!  But then came the deserts... Chocolate Ganache Cake & Raspberry Creme Brulee.  WOW did these hit the spot.  Just take a look for yourself... 

If Salt City Grille isn't on your list for restaurants to try, you're list is incomplete.