Salt City Eats: Brick House Billiards

Three words: Food and Billiards!

If you like eating some good food and shooting some pool in a comfortable bar setting surrounded by people who share your passion for billiards, Brick House Billiards is going to be your new favorite hangout spot!  When you take that first step inside you'll be stunned by how many tables are available.  Plus, there's plenty of bar space to get your drinks and food quick and easy!  I ordered some of the Brick House Wings (medium sauce) with Bleu Cheese along with a Buffalo Bleu Chicken sandwich with a side of mac salad.  The wings couldn't have hit the spot more than they did!  If there ever was a spot that needed to be hit, these wings hit it.  And the Chicken sandwich was just straight up SOLID (in a way where it was all-around delicious).  Just all around good, solid food!

In short: the food was great, staff was super friendly and attentive, and it's definitely a place to check out for some friendly competition!  Once you take that first step in the door you will realize you'll never get into another bar fight over who's turn it is to shoot at the only pool table in the bar ever again!