Salt City Eats: Lunch from Mike's Pizzeria in Skaneateles


This week we decided on an office lunch pizza party from Mike's Pizzeria in Skaneateles!  Along with our basic cheese pizza, we went a little out of the box and tried out some of Mike's specialty pizzas: Cup N' Char and Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Finger. 

Cup N' Char was an old fashioned pizza made with fresh dough, red sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, and authentic "Cup and Char Pepperoni!".  If you like pepperoni but are tired of the same old pepperoni that every other pizza shop has, try this one out!  The Buffalo Blue Cheese Chicken Finger is just as good as it sounds.  If you're a fan of huge pieces of chicken and blue cheese as your pizza toppings, get three of these next time you order.

And don't forget the salad!  We ordered the Big Garden Salad with homemade croutons and they even threw in a Garlic knot!  Even if you're not in Skaneateles, the drive is definitely worth it!  Give Mike's Pizzeria at try and you will not be disappointed.